Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Brain's latest ambition... sigh!

What a difference a day can make! My hair is three inches shorter (thank God), my gray is gone, TV Guy and I talked and are now on the same page... What a difference.

So The Brain comes up to me today and informs me that he has decided on how he wants to spend the rest of the year. Apparently he feels the overwhelming need to learn the Chinese language. Well, that and the art of fencing. He was completely serious! He is not a child that is given to whims, when he says that he wants to learn how to do something you can count on him actually taking the time to learn it.

Hey, works for me! When my stereo went out he was the one that figured out what was wrong with it and fixed it. He's 9 by the way.

So... gotta figure out where he can learn Chinese. The biggest problem I think will be the absolute lack of Chinese speaking people in our neck of the woods. For some reason, Alabama just doesn't draw them... Wonder why?


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