Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Everything you never wanted to know

I stumbled across this while random blog surfing. I wish I had remembered to make a note of whose blog it was on but I didn't. (Oops) Anyway, the idea is you bold the stuff you've done and everyone gets to learn a little more about you in the process. It looked fun so I thought what the hell. Because I don't know whose this is I'm not going to tag anyone. But come on... play! It's fun and all the kids are doing it!

1. Smoked a cigarette - many many cigarettes... I finally quit a little over a year ago. YAY ME!
2. Crashed a friend's car
3. Stolen a car
4. Been in love
5. Been dumped
6. Shoplifted
7. Been fired
8. Been in a fist fight - ummm... Occupational hazard, really. Well, unless you count the time I found myself in the middle of a bar fight. But all I wanted to do then was get out of the bar.
9. Snuck out of your parent's house - gotta love big bedroom windows and WD-40!
10. Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back - About 15 years ago I had the biggest crush on this trumpet player I knew from my orchestra days. I was devastated when I realized he was gay.
11. Been arrested
12. Gone on a blind date - NEVER, NEVER AGAIN!!!
13. Lied to a friend - It was high school... what can I say?
14. Skipped school - ummm... yep. Luckily the school secretary liked me, I was out so much my senior year the poor woman practically had a stamp just for me!
15. Seen someone die - I've been there right before or right after about a dozen times but never there for the actual event.
16. Had a crush on one of your internet friends
17. Been to Canada
18. Been to Mexico
19. Been on a plane - TOO many times to count.
20. Purposely set a part of yourself on fire - WTF?
21. Eaten sushi - ewwww!
22. Been jet-skiing - I've done everything else that a person can think of on the water, but for some strange reason, never that.
23. Met someone in person from the internet
24. Been moshing at a concert - not nearly as much fun as I would've hoped. Actually kinda hurt... all those random jabs to your spine and near dives to the concrete below.
25. Taken pain killers - plenty of times. I really should learn to be kinder to my body.
26. Loved and missed someone - My dad. I miss him every day.
27. Made a snow angel - I can almost still remember what it felt like. It seems to me that the snow kept getting down the back of my coat. I'm thinking it wasn't all it was cracked up to be.
28. Had a tea party - It was outside in my backyard and we served mud cakes, thank you very much.
29. Flown a kite - Please. I have a 9 year old boy. I've reached expert status at this point.
30. Built a sand castle - Love the beach!!
31. Gone puddle jumping - As recently as two weeks ago. I got totally drenched in the rain one day and figured what the hell. If I've gotta get soaked getting back to my car, might as well have fun with it. I looked ridiculous but ah, hell. It was fun!
32. Played dress up - Um, HELLO!! I'm a girl.
33. Jumped in a pile of leaves - Every fall my son and I rake the leaves in the yard. Twice! The first time we make the biggest pile we can and then jump in and play. The second time we make a ton of several piles and bag them up.
34. Gone sledding - Yep. Never did get the hang of the steering part though... 35. Cheated while playing a game
36. Been lonely - again, occupational hazard.
37. Fallen asleep at work or school
38. Used a fake ID - LOL! Yep, and I slipped the bouncer a $20 so he wouldn't look too closely. I got the money back in the drinks he bought be later on that night. Poor guy seemed to think I was going to reward him or something. :-)
39. Watched a sun set - one of my favorite pastimes.
40. Felt an earthquake - Thank God no! I'm a Southern girl... give me an old fashioned tornado any day of the week. (I probably shouldn't say that too loudly. We're expecting severe weather tonight)
41. Touched a snake - I have a son. Enough said.
42. Slept beneath the stars - Again, I'm a Southern girl. Growing up, more nights than not were spent under the stars in the summertime. I still love it.
43. Been robbed - Does having my car broken into or having my bike stolen count?
44. Been misunderstood - constantly.
45. Petted a reindeer/goat - *grin* Have you met my son? Then you know the answer is yes. I've never seen a kid that is more into animals than him.
46. Won a contest - Too many to count.
47. Run a red light/stop sign - both while running code for work and when just running. I'm bad about those "orange" lights. :-)
48. Been suspended from school - came close a couple of times. It helped that the entire faculty thought daddy was Mafioso... none ever wanted to call him and break the news.
49. Been in a car accident - 2. The first one should have killed me. I'm very. very lucky.
50. Eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night - PMS anyone?
51. Had deja vu - again?
52. Danced in the moonlight - a couple of times. My favorite was on 09/11. I was working at the airport, the flight lines were all shut down so we took a cart out to the middle of the runway and danced to oldies music under the stars and the beam from the tower. My buddy Tim convinced me that it was the right thing to do. I felt (like everyone did) so cold and in shock that night. Tim convinced me that laughing and dancing were the best way to "not let them win". He was right, and I have an incredible memory to show for it. I owe him for that.
53. Liked the way you looked at least at one point in time - still do. Is that bad?
54. Witnessed a crime - *sigh* again. Occupational hazard. If I hadn't, wouldn't have been doing a very good job. Here's a clue... You're not nearly as smart or clever as you seem to think that you are.
55. Been obsessed with post-it notes - LOL! Yep. I have them everywhere. Everywhere I tell you!
56. Squished barefoot through the mud - Every summer.
57. Been lost - Have you met me? I've gotten lost in my own neighborhood twice!! It's almost funny when you think about it. An investigator with NO sense of direction!
58. Been on the opposite side of the country - Back and forth, up and down... any which way you look at it, I've been there... twice!
59. Swam in the ocean - almost every summer since moving to the US when I was 8.
60. Cried yourself to sleep - But don't tell anyone.
61. Played cops and robbers - All the time when I was growing up. I always wanted to be the cop. Go figure.
62. Recently colored with crayons - Hey! Don't knock it til you try it.
63. Sung karaoke - not for all the money in the world!
64. Paid for a meal with only coins - a meal, gas, and smokes. All with pennies! (I was 18 and desperate!)
65. Done something you told yourself you wouldn't - How about someone... does that count? Again, I was young and stupid.
66. Made prank phone calls - At every slumber party I ever attended when I was growing up.
67. Laughed until some kinda beverage came out of your nose- You'll want to not do this with Tequila. Trust me.
68. Caught a snow flake on your tongue - I was underwhelmed.
69. Written a letter to Santa Claus - Several times. He and I we're best buds!
70. Been kissed under the mistletoe by your boy/girlfriend - Surprisingly, no. I don't think I've ever actually SEEN it hung.
71. Watched the sun rise with someone you care about - Dad and I used to do that a lot when I was growing up. Those are some of my favorite memories.
72. Blown bubbles - All the time.
73. Made a bonfire on the beach - Tons of times.
74. Laughed so hard you pee your pants - While inebriated. I swear!
75. Cheated on a test - It was a Biology 2 test and the sub gave me the answers. I still feel bad about that.
76. Been kissed by someone you didn't like - I'd rather not think about this for too long. But yes. And EWWWW!!!
77. Gone skinny dipping in a pool
78. Cried to get your way
79. Given money to a homeless person
80. Gotten married or engaged to someone that you knew was a bad idea
81. Realized that your mom really does know what she's talking about
82. Followed a rainbow
83. Had sex in the rain
84. Been on a road trip with friends
85. Given or received flowers - Both. Plenty of times. It's one of my favorite pastimes.

There it is - everything you never wanted to know!


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