Monday, November 14, 2005

The importance of girlfriends

It's interesting how we sometimes forget the importance of girlfriends. I have several girlfriends that are like sisters to me. They are my Public Relations Team and my family. Girlfriends always seem to know what to say to make you feel a little better. I had forgotten how important to me they are until last night.

It's silly but when I found out that TV Guy had immediately taken up with what one of my more creative girlfriends termed a "club slut" the day after we officially split, it was the girls that I ran to. It's silly when I stop to think about it, but the idea that it may look that this trashy person may have come between he and I is revolting to me. Never mind that fact that I wanted it to be over, and have in fact tried to end it several times over the past year. Never mind that I know that she doesn't really have interest in him, just the idea of him. Never mind the fact that I shouldn't care what people think and usually tell myself that I don't. Despite all of those perfectly sound reasons that should lead me to feelings of relief, I realized last night that I was maybe just a little bit hurt by it all.

So... Because most of my closest friends are states away pursuing their own lives and relationships, and because it was almost 1 am at the time, I did what any semi-rational woman would do... I text messaged them saying "TV guy and I are finally officially over, he and Cindy are now going out, just thought you'd like to know".
Now I should say that everyone involved including my girlfriends know who Cindy is, they don't like her either. She works at the same TV station that TV guy does... Interestingly enough, TV guy tried to have her fired for incompetence a couple of months ago... But that's a different story.

So anyway, my girlfriends descended on me immediately. Here's what they text messaged me back with:

"You should be relieved, he obviously will hang on until someone comes along, you have been trying to end this for months, if anything be insulted that he was ignoring the fact that you have been pulling away for so long, he can still be your friend if you want, but now, no more worrying about his oh so fragile feelings or ego. Let him be her problem until she gets bored, which won't take very long. It's not personal for a girl like her, so don't take it personally".

"I know it's hard, especially since he doesn't even realize that he has been living in a fantasy world, but you know, at least it's over. This proves that he is incapable of changing and no good for you anymore. Who cares what everyone thinks, the ones that really care about you know what the situation is. You are more of a woman, smarter, more beautiful, more witty, and better dressed than she will ever be. Don't dwell on it, there is no need to analyze her, there just isn't anything to her".

There's a time when you may need your husband or lover, mom or dad, but no one can ever replace the healing abilities of a stiff drink and a girlfriend!

Thanks guys... you're the best!


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