Thursday, February 16, 2006

Back to the Drawing Board

Every year about this time I head off to the tanning bed. I go because being a warm weather girl at heart I get a little bummed out about this time, and while I've never needed any help in the tanning department, tanning helps my mood.

Now before I get lectures on going "fake and bake" and how bad it is for my skin, and how I'm going to end up a withered old prune, let me say this:

Yeah, I know, but it's still better than the alternative. Artificial sunlight works better than any antidepressant for me. I always wear screen and I usually don't go more than once a week over a one month period. Just long enough for it to get warmer outside.

Being olive skinned I’ve never have to worry about burning, at least apparently, until now.

I went for ten minutes a couple of days ago (in a 20 minute bed) and would you like to know what happened? Can ya guess?

Yep. That's right. I burned my ass.

Lovely huh? Nothing to pull you out of a funk like a good old fashioned sunburn! GRRRR!


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