Friday, February 24, 2006

I did it!!

I can't believe after the year that I've had that I actually did it!

Yesterday marked my one year anniversary of when I gave up BOTH smoking and caffeine!

I miss it. Everyday. I've yet to see any of those signs that people always tell you to look for... food tastes the same as it always has (sometimes worse truth be told), nothing smells any better or worse to me, I don't have any more or less energy, and I haven't noticed being sick any less.

What I do have is the knowledge that I kept my word to my son. I quit, and I did it to make sure that I'm gonna be around to kiss my grandbabies.

I did it during the most difficult year of my life. I can do anything.

So celebrate with me. It hasn't been easy and it hasn't been fun, but it has been worth it.


Blogger glorybeam said...

I saw the "O Encouraged me" and had to comment!!! You deserve a pat on the back! That's just wrong not to be acknowledged for such an incredible feat! I don''t smoke (never have) but to give up smoking AND caffeine is a huge feat! I am obese, and over the last two years have developed a terrible caffeine habit, so the blood pressure is rising. I really don't want diabetes or a heart attack!

Congratulations: I'm proud of you, even if no one else out there noticed!!!

11:13 AM  

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