Thursday, February 23, 2006

The prettiest cake... ever!

The Brain has his Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet tonight. All of the scouts were told that as part of this there would be a competition, the boys and their dad's were supposed to make a cake (with no help from mom), decorate it, and handle all of the clean up afterwards. The cakes would be judged at the banquet and then served up for dessert for all who attend.

Because The Brain's biological dad has been MIA since he was about a year old we were told that any other close male would be able to step in and participate. The Brain decided to ask TV guy... Bless his heart!

So... Two nights ago they got together and made the cake and then last night decorated they decorated it. I did learn by the way that men tend to take you pretty literally when you say anything involving cooking. I picked out a simple chocolate recipe for them to make. You basically just add all of the ingredients together (mixing in between) and you're set. There is an order to it, and it generally is a good idea to bring the ingredients to room temp before using them, but then I guess I should have said that. I walked into the room to discover that they had simply gone down the list of ingredients and dumped everything in together. There it sat. In the bowl. Unmixed. :-) Anyway, they eventually got around to mixing it and everything worked out in the end. I kept my mouth shut. It wasn't easy!

When I picked The Brain up from school yesterday we stopped by the store and picked up cake decorating stuff. There was enough icing to frost at least two cakes... I'm not sure what happened, but I'm pretty sure that the boys had more icing on them then on the cake!
They had fun. They learned to appreciate the fine art of cake making. They allowed me to take pictures. Awesome!

Is this not the prettiest cake EVER? There's a special place in heaven for TV guy, you have only to look at these pictures to see how much it meant to The Brain.


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