Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Easter Egg Fun

All in all, this past week was one of the best that I've had in a long time. I've been consistently hitting around 8000 steps a day and have been making a conscious effort to just move more. It's hard sometimes, being home with Michael homeschooling all day makes that unpredictable. Some days, he finishes his school work and we can head out, some days we're inside slugging away at it all day.

Another thing that I think has made it easier is the sunny warm weather that we've had. I was able to take Wednesday and Thursday and work outside in the yards... all day. It was great, but I told Jeff the following morning that I felt like I had been beat up in my sleep! I could barely move! It was awful, but it brought home to me how stagnant I've been this past year. I never used to have that problem. I'm happy to say that it only lasted a day and that it just made me want to do more.

I've been trying to come up with a valid reason for being such a slug over the last year. I think I have a few:

  • I yanked Michael out of school and began our homeschooling journey. This completely changed my schedule and required most of my "me" time to be donated to the home school cause.
  • I am no longer working in a law enforcement capacity. This means no more running after people, no more being chased, no more required fitness levels.
  • Jeff finally made it back after over three years of being gone. We had waited so long to be together again that I think it took us a year to resume what would be considered a normal schedule.

So anyway, those are just excuses. I'm 32 years old and have noticed that what I've always heard about getting older is true. I hit 30 and my metabolism crashed, all of a sudden my body was unfamiliar to me. I couldn't count on gaining or losing the way that I always had. It's weird really. I used to be able to drop five or ten pounds without even thinking about it. NOW? HA!! I actually have to work at it. I'm trying to look at this new found required discipline as a good thing.

So anyway, Jeff, Michael, and I had a blast yesterday. We went to a parade, toured a really old church, went fabric shopping (fun for me), grilled out, and colored Easter Eggs. It was a great day.

Okay, time to get class started. Here are the goals for today:

  • Walk/Jog 30 minutes with Michael
  • Good food choices
  • A positive home school day
  • Progress on a few sewing projects I have going right now (thanks Anne!)

And now some picture fun from yesterday.

March 17 08 006


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