Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So let's recap, shall we?

In the last week my car has died twice, been taken to three different mechanics, had four diagnostic tests run, and has gotten a free car wash. Unfortunately, no-one could figure out anything actually wrong with it. Ya know, other than the fact that it died on me twice! Best guess is that there was a loose battery cable and that one of the times that they tested the battery it was tightened down properly and the problem was resolved.

We lost the church that I so desperatly wanted. But that's okay, because we got the State Park Lodge that was our second choice. We put the deposit down on it on Monday and will be married on July 25, 2009.

I almost didn't get the jeweler that I wanted (the only one I'd trust), but my incredible mother was able to track down his home number. I called him, he remembered us, and said that if we didn't mind looking at diamonds over his kitchen table, that he'd be happy to help us. We all (Jeff and I, my mother and my son) went over to his house on Monday and chose from a list of diamonds on a sheet. He's going to have them shipped to him (probably arriving today) and we will go from there. YAY! I'm SO nervous about picking one out though. I have no idea why! Still, David is going to give us the ring for 20% above wholesale and will only charge me $200 regardless of the metal and setting I choose (to set the stone). How friggin' cool is that??

Now back to the guest list and the search for a kilt rental/store. The good times never stop around these parts!


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