Tuesday, May 20, 2008

An Awesome Weekend

Just a quick post to update:

Jeff and I have enjoyed the rare weekend alone. Michael went to visit his grandmother out of town and my mother went out of town on business. Being that those are the two people that, while I love them dearly, also demand the most of my time, Jeff and I actually got to spend the weekend together alone. It's funny, we're the two people that have always made or invented work to do. Neither of us are really capable of taking a real day off. A day of from work usually means an opportunity to clean up the house or beat the yard back into submission.
But not this weekend. This weekend we went for long drives in the country, we walked through a swamp (trust me, it was cool!), we ate out- waaaayyyy too much!, and we took naps. It was awesome!

This week brought the return of work. Because Michael is out of town I am actually able to pick up a few extra hours and work during the day.
Oh, I almost forgot! Guess what Jeff surprised me with?

A cell phone!

I've been without one for the last year and a half because I couldn't justify the expense. Apparently he sat down and determined that of the 1500 minutes he was using on his phone, all but less than 200 were used talking to me. He looked into it and discovered that he could add a second line to his phone for an additional $15 a month. Because he has T-Mobile he put us on the My Favs plan. This means that we can talk as much as we want a month. How cool is that?!! So... for the first time in ages, I actually got to talk to him while I was at work yesterday.

I had forgotten how much I missed having a phone.

Anyway, I'm trying to make the time to construct a much longer post wherein I completely wig out... but that's for another day. Here's a hint: Jeff's job is going to very soon require that he attend opening tour parties and rehearsals for major music stars. Guess who is going to be dragged along kicking and screaming? Yep. Me. And no, I wasn't being sarcastic. I really don't want to go with him. This now introduces a new sense of urgency into my 'I gotta get back into shape' whine. AGH!


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