Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Projects, projects, projects!!

So I'm almost finished staining a chest that I started like oh... last OCTOBER!

Seriously, it's pathetic how long this project has drug out! In my defense though, about a week after I started it the weather turned freakishly rainy. Then when the weather cleared up I got sick. Like for two months. I never get sick so it was really really weird. It was like I had a combination flu, ear infection, sinus thing going on and I couldn't shake it. I didn't start feeling better until around Jeff's birthday the second week of December. And then well, there was Christmas and New Years and then the cold weather hit and... you get the idea.

So... fully into spring time, not quite too hot outside, past allergies, I figured that it was time to finish it. There was just one problem. I changed my mind about the color. See, originally we got it to put in Michael's room to serve as a toy chest. He has a Captains bed made of Colombian Pine (a very light, soft wood) that we bought for him a couple of years ago. This last Christmas I was helping him clean out his room and sort through his stuff and noticed that he hasn't been taking very good care of his bed. Some of the knobs are missing off the drawers, there are scratches and dings in the wood, food and liquid has been spilled on the headboard (interesting as he's never allowed to take food and drinks out of the kitchen)... in short, it was a mess!

As a result, he's not getting the chest until he's older. I had started staining the chest a light color to match his bedroom furniture, but now I'm wanting it to be a darker, warmer wood to match the living room furniture. Did you know that when you stain over a stain it pulls the original stain up? Me neither. But it does. *sigh*

So now I have an almost tiger striped chest. I have to put the last coat on it today and then seal it. It's not what I ever would've intended to do to it, but it looks kind of neat. Jeff squinted at it (like i did) trying to figure out what he thought. After a couple of hours of walking by it and looking at it, he decided, like I did, that it actually looks like it was intentionally stained that way.

So... what a mess! But still, I wanted to get this project done so I could pull out my quilting frames and stands and finish a king size comforter that I started a couple of years ago but never had the space to do until now.

And then, I promise to finish the cloth bags that Anne so generously sent me the pattern for. I've actually got three cut out and pinned, I just got stuck on the handles (the directions were confusing) and then I got distracted, and well... you know how it goes.

Okay, off to home school and stain! Wish me luck!


Blogger anne said...

I can't tell you how many times I had to read the directions to figure some of that out!! Let me know if I can be of any wasn't really written all that clearly! Even with pictures it can be hard.

Where are the pictures of this chest!? :)

9:48 PM  
Blogger Andria said...

I may have to enlist your help... I'm stuck!

And I promise to post pictures once I finally get the silly thing finished! Someday!

3:33 PM  

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