Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Job?

Friday morning I checked Jeff's email for him while we were talking on his lunch break. There was an email from the CEO of the company that he's been jumping through hoops for for the last six weeks. The email said:

"Hey I think we have beat you up enough .When can we sit and get this going. Monday morning would work for me".

That's it. We think that this means that he's been hired as the Operations Manager. We think. Who the heck sends out an email like this? The get this going comment sounds like he wants to hire Jeff. I mean, what else could he mean? But seriously? This is how you do it? Really?

So we're torn between elation and nerves. To have this dream yanked away at this stage of the game would be almost too cruel. This job, in the middle of a recession no less, would mean so much to us. So we wait. The meeting is scheduled for 9:30 Monday morning. Until then, we pray.

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