Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Time Fun

How is it fair that someone who loves spring and everything it entails also suffers from horrible seasonable allergies?

Well, whatever it is, this spring is kicking my tail. I was doing so well with walking and exercising until Easter. Easter came and brought with it lots of green pollen- enough to coat my car and have me screaming inside with a sinus headache.

Seriously, I've had a nasty sinus headache since Sunday. Ugh! I also have no energy. As in none. As in I can barely drag myself out of bed and it's everything I can do to stay out!

From past experience I know that it's better for me not to take anything and just suffer through it. If I do it lasts about ten days and then I'm fine. Taking allergy medicine only prolongs the time it takes me to acclimate to it.

But still, I think yesterday I managed a whopping 4500 steps all day. The day before wasn't much better. Easter? Easter was 3500. Don't even get me started!

I'm trying to increase my water intake in the hopes that it helps with the sinus problems. If I could just ditch this headache I think I could force myself to work outside a little bit. Unfortunately, all I can think about is a dark room and sleep.

In other news, Jeff had a very successful third interview with a company that has been stringing him along for the last six weeks. The job would be a dream come true for us, and if he does it well, will probably lead to a Regional VP of Operations position within a year to year and a half. We're anxiously awaiting word on the position... as in on pins and needles. Any extra prayers would be appreciated greatly! We both feel that he'll probably get word sometime this week on the decision. It would be such a blessing for us!

My cousin recently challenged all of us to set some new goals. She asked us to come up with five to ten things that we want to accomplish this year. Here are mine:

1. I will lose another ten or so pounds so my clothes fit the way that they're supposed to.
2. I will lose an additional twenty-five pounds to get back to my pre stop smoking weight.
3. I will successfully complete a local 5k run with Michael
4. I will finish Michael's home school year.
5. I will find a job
6. I will begin formally planning Jeff and my wedding

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