Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Divorce

This has definitely been an interesting week.

In the true Southern way of things, my former MIL has decided to leave her current husband (number four), and move five hours to our south to set up with a new man (who is going to be leaving wife number three), start a catering business with an old friend, and probably marry again. They are already talking about buying a house together. It's important to remember that they are each still married to someone else!

I'm hoping that she sticks around long enough to offer some sort of explanation to Michael, who will be losing the only grandfather that he has left. And he really will lose him, there's no blood relation between them, I can't see him sticking around. He's been married to my former MIL for sixteen years. I imagine that he'll find someone else too. I really worry that this is going to be hard for Michael, he really hasn't had any experience with divorce.

Bah! The whole thing just disgusts me. Whatever happened to marriage being a sacred institution? I'm not gonna get all religious and preachy, that's SO not me. But come on. This is going to be her fifth marriage!

Anyway, food has been really great this week, but exercise has been for shit. I don't know why I can't seem to get my butt in gear. I have this 5K coming up that Michael and I really need to get moving on, especially since I found out that the proceeds are going to the Fallen Officers Memorial fund. We've lost two officers in the last three years, one was a friend and an amazing person (I didn't know the other one). I NEED to do this!

Jeff starts his new job on Monday so I'm thinking that that will be a good time to get moving on running again. We've taken this past week and have stayed busy every day just enjoying the ability to spend time together. I don't regret it. We've had a blast!

I've bought a new pedometer (the other one stopped working well), and I'm setting a goal of at least 40 miles a week. I've been getting close to that anyway, but I think the new goal will get me moving more. Here's to hoping, anyway!



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