Monday, April 14, 2008

A Dogwood Winter

Brrr! I can't believe how cold it is outside today! It was in the 80's on Friday and it's only in the low 40's today. The great thing about living here though is that we're expecting mid-seventies by Wednesday. Gotta love Spring in the South!

Jeff started his new job today, he called at lunch and sounded really stoked. I think he's in a little bit of shock though, he found out that he not just has the local corporate office, but also offices in Mississippi, Tennessee, and soon to be Georgia that fall under his direction. He said that there's a lot of work that needs to be done to get the building running as effectively as it could be, but that everyone seems to be ready for the necessary changes. Oh, and they have a bookcase in the men's room. Obviously, they don't take themselves too seriously!

Michael and I have just returned from a thirty minute wog (a combination of running and walking). And yeah, by running I mean something less than a graceful bounding down the track. Light on my feet, I am not. Oh well, every little bit gets me closer to where I want to be. I weighed in this morning and am .6 away from where I was when I was floored by allergies. I think most of the couple of pounds I put on was water weight. For some really weird reason, I seem to hold onto more water when I'm taking antihistamines. You'd think that it would be the opposite... anyway, back in the saddle again!

I'm still not getting enough water in, but I'm really going to try hard to focus on moving more this week. I forgot to put the pedometer on until around noon when we went for our walk, but I'm still going to try and hold myself to a reading of six miles by the end of the day. I think Jeff and I might take (another) walk when he gets back tonight.

So, goals for the rest of the day:
  • six miles on the pedometer by bedtime
  • water water water!!
  • better food choices. I can't count calories, it just doesn't work for me. I want to focus on making good food choices and incorporating more greens and veggies into my diet.


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