Thursday, February 28, 2008

How about an update?

So... lots of changes around these parts since the last time I blogged.

First, Agent C, also known as Jeff, has relocated here. We are planning on getting married sometime in the next year. Hopefully. Please God. Things keep happening and it keeps getting pushed back.

Once he got down here it took all of about five minutes for us to adjust to each other and become a family. The Brain, also known as Michael, loves him. They are inseparable. I can't tell you what it does for my heart to see them so happy together. It hasn't happened without a few growing pains, but it wasn't nearly as hard as it should have been.

Another big change happened last spring. Jeff convinced me that seeing as how we were spending on average of about five hours a night on homework with Michael, that I was in fact already homeschooling him. It was a scary decision and one that I made with a lot of thought and prayer, but it has turned out to be the best thing that I could've done for him.

As for me, well... did I mention that I deliver pizzas now at night part time? I accepted a position with a larger agency than the one I was working with, with the intention of taking a couple of months off for the summer before starting the new job. The new job was supposed to start in September of 2006. I left my old job that June and happily enjoyed a couple of months vacationing with the family (before Jeff got down here in January 2007). September came and went with the promise of a December start. Enter cutbacks in funding and the reallocation of resources and I was still hearing the promise of a start last August (2007).

An interesting thing happened though. I've realized in all of these months of waiting that I really don't want to do the job that they hired me to do. It would involve me placing myself in the close proximity of explosive devices on a regular basis and requires that I know how to disarm them. Um, yeah, have you met me? No, well I'm the girl that trips over her own feet on a regular basis.

I miss working in my field, so much that it hurts sometimes. I didn't go to graduate school to deliver pizzas and work with college students. But this has given me the unique insight into stay at home parenting, and I have to say, it's amazing to me how much better Michael is doing. Gone are the moody, angry, accusatory stares, the entitlement issues, the behavioral problems. He is learning Latin, is involved with the Youth Volunteer Corps, takes pottery once a week, and is active with his scout group. He has a full and happy life. I wouldn't have been able to give him anything remotely like that were I still working in my old position.

Anyway, big changes. I am actively looking for work on the state or local level, though to be honest, there are a lot of people looking right now. When I do return to working full time I hope to find an elderly person or another stay at home mom to watch Michael during the day. Most of his homeschooling is done online right now so that can be done anywhere.

We are running on a lot of faith, hope, and optimism right now that everything will work itself out. As hard as it is financially, I very firmly believe that this is what I am supposed to be doing right now. That my job as a mother trumps my professional career, and that in the end, things will work out the way that they were meant to all along.

Here's to hoping, anyway!

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm back?

So it seems that Blogger has opened its gargantuan yaw and spat this old blog back out. What's even more surprising is that I seem to have visitors.

Really? After a year and a half?


Maybe I should start blogging here again. I've missed my old digs.

More to come later. I have a lot of catching up to do.

But for now, yay! I'm back!