Sunday, June 15, 2008

Catchin' up

So in the last almost month I've been really really busy. Here are a few highlights:

* Heard from an old cop buddy that tried to convince me to join the force. I turned him down.
*Agreed to consider probation and parole.
*Had food poisoning... and what fun that was!
*Sent Michael off for a week with his grandma, a weekend with his scout troupe, and tomorrow, will send him for a week long camp out again with the scouts. I haven't seen a lot of the boy, but the rapidly decreasing amount of food in my pantry assures me that he's still around.
* Joined the YMCA at a discounted rate. Those people are phenomenal! I start working out tomorrow.
*Gained five-seven pounds. Ugh! I feel gross!
* Planted waaaayyyy too much in the way of flowers and shrubbery on the apartment patio. Looks pretty though.
* Enjoyed summer time with the family.

The next couple of weeks look like they're going to be equally busy, I have to get ready to fly out to Utah to visit my mom's family in a couple of weeks. I also kinda sorta need to find a job.

Happy Father's Day everyone!