Tuesday, May 30, 2006


So it would seem that my life has taken on an odd Springer like quality to it lately. I, the one person that has tried to stay away from drama is now knee deep in it.

It seems that TV guy is putting two and two together and now suspects that there may be more than meets the eye with Agent C and I. While I haven't told him about the closeness that Agent C and I share, I have made it clear that he and I have been communicating frequently for some time now. I figured that I owed him that much. The bigger part of me still feels that it really isn't any of his business who I see or how I feel. He and I are friends, but as Agent C so succinctly put it, "the minute he started sleeping with someone else he gave up all rights to you. He may have changed his mind about how he feels, but that doesn't obligate the rest of us to go along with that." I think he's right. I care about TV guy and I would never intentionally hurt him but that doesn't mean that he still has the right to dictate what I do or how I feel. Not that he ever really did anyway.

So, keep your eyes out when you’re watching Springer. It's heading in that direction. I just wish I knew what to do. I don't want to talk to TV guy about how I feel until Agent C and I have a chance to figure that out for ourselves, but I don't want to ruin what friendship they still maintain. Albeit a loose one.

Sigh. Drama.



Blogger anne said...

Woo...that does sound dramatic!!

On our end it's pretty exciting, but I'm sure to you it's just really stressful, huh?

Good luck!

1:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watch Springer every morning so I will be looking for you while I eat my regualr morning oatmeal.......Just don't ask me to go on the show with you but I wouldn't mind a trip to Chicago (?)
What, when, how, etc. is NO and I mean, no ones business but your own.
Talk about stressing yourself out... Step back and take several deep breaths... Now, you may wish that you still smoked.... I often due to this day...Too bad that I don't drink either.
You will be fine and all will go well with time.
I got your back....

Love Ya,

Mom II

5:13 PM  
Blogger Andria said...

Thanks both of you. I really appreciate your support.

Oh, and mom? Would almost give up the little guy for a smoke right now... Almost!

Tell me again why I thought it was a good idea to quit?

Can you believe it's been over a decade since the last time I was like this with someone? Is that even possible?

9:45 PM  

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